Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Step Ahead

This is Lake San Cristobal, the second largest natural lake in Colorado. It is a few miles south of Lake City, just before going over the Continental Divide. We stopped alongside another car, and came upon an elderly couple walking a small distance up the trail trying to get a better view of the lake. We chatted for a few moments and I continued up the trail as it narrowed and became much steeper. The view past the obstacles was stunning as the whole blue expanse became visible. I shouted back to my husband to ask permission to get their camera and take a shot of the vista farther up the mountain. They agreed and we were both tickled that we would be able to take these photographs home to share with others.

I thought about how sometimes we just do not have the stamina to go another step. Others in our lives are perhaps a step ahead in their wisdom and life lessons. They share with us, when we need their wisdom. They take our camera and get the shot for us. They can see the whole picture and speak into our lives accordingly. I am thankful for all the wonderful mentors I have had in my life. They encouraged me and literally saved my life at times. Likewise, I hope in ten or fifteen years when we can't get farther up the hiking trail, that some younger hikers will get the shot for us.

I love meeting other people along the beautiful arenas of wilderness. We are in the great natural cathedrals that instill in us the worship for the Creator and the love for those we meet along the path, though they be strangers. We are in the churches without walls, in love with our God.


Love God and love one another.

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