Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Divine Appointments

I got something done yesterday that has been brewing for a long time. I triple matted and framed a picture of the scene I captured along the Durango-Silverton train route. It now lives above our mantle so we can remember being there together in that unbelievably stunning vista.

My husband works for a train company, and we have come to enjoy riding trains. We had heard about this train and wanted to take it someday. That 'someday' happened last fall, and produced this divine appointment. The stop along the route, the light, the time of day, the position of the train, all worked together to bless me with the opportunity to see this doorway of incredible gift to my spirit. Allowing me to be there with my camera also gave me the gift of being able to share it with all of you. The exact place going the other direction was almost passed before we realized how different it looked.

I define a divine appointment as a meeting up of a person with another person, event, or place that changes them and increases their faith and belief in God. This time and place along the river with the God rays streaming through the trees seemed to transport me out of time and body to a complete melting into the scene. I get a peace that returns in part every time I look at this picture. I felt so loved by God to have been brought to this place to experience how much I am treasured and loved by Him. He is Light and calls us to be Light, also.

Sometimes these moments cannot be captured by a camera. The grandeur will not be translated to its full wonder through a photograph, but this one came pretty close. It translates the Light sort of in the way Thomas Kincaid paints. In fact, it is hard to believe that it is a photograph and not a painting. This posting is not to boast about any skill on my part, but to boast in Christ about the wonders and amazing divine appointments that He has for us to give us glimpses of how we are loved.

I pray for you all to have divine appointments this year. Seek Him out, and you will find Him. Slow down, breathe, be present, listen. Blessings abound!


Missy said...

I remember it. You have many amazing photos, but this one caught my breath. What a gift to be there, and a sweet blessing to capture it so perfectly. It's a great choice for the mantle!

Anonymous said...

I think getting to see you at Mary Lou's service yesterday was a divine appointment, Connie. You were a real blessing in my life when I met you and I am glad to reconnect. I'll follow your blog:) Who knows? This may be the year I start another one of my own. I want to call it "Practicing Presence."

Connie said...

So glad to get to see you yesterday. Our paths have crossed again! I think your blog idea is wonderful and hope you will lean into it. Many people are encouraged by such blogs. It is truly a ministry.
Blessings! <>< c