Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love shooting butterflies, especially when they are on brilliantly colored flowers. Their lives are so short, as are the lives of the flowers they light upon. They are so incredibly stunning and graceful as they meander through the gardens.

The orange color of the center stage in this photo is such contrast to the lavender that surrounds the main attraction. I would not paint a room in my house 'orange' or wear that color on my body, but I am so appreciate it when a sky is spread with orange/coral tones or a butterfly wears it so well.

The butterfly reminded me that my high school colors were orange and black, until we consolidated with the little town down the road and the colors became black and white. Their colors were green and white, so it seemed a good compromise would be black and white; one color taken from each town. Thank goodness they did not choose green and orange together! Although a green and orange garden is gorgeous, a cheerleader outfit is not.

I think of all the changes that I have been through since those high school days. I will be 60 next year, married 40 of those years to my one and only husband. We have married daughters and four grandchildren. I can feel the season of changes as we go towards retirement and I have been getting nudges to chase yet a few more dreams.

Our bodies deteriorate, and we are but vapors; not really having many more days in the scheme of things than the butterflies or flowers that fade so quickly. In the life to come we will put on immortality. There is such fleeting beauty here, yet it draws us to it as we are drawn also to God. Beautiful beyond description!


We shall all be changed.
1 Corinthians 15:52



DeeDee said...

If orange isn't your favorite color... what color is?...I remember those days gone by by colors sometimes too.. my school colors where red, white and blue...I always loved those colors... :D hope you are feeling better Connie..

Mona said...

Awesome post, Connie! And as always, lovely photos.

Connie said...

I would have to say BLUE is my favorite color, all range from turquoise to pastel, teal. Yes, BLUE!