Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Time for Every Purpose

To everything there is a season...
and a time for every purpose under heaven.

Oh, how many times I have sung those words of Ecclesiastes and 'Turn, Turn, Turn' through the years!

Sometimes we hold onto old ideas or outgrown careers because it is just easier than doing the work to cross the river of fear and do something that has been calling us to a new season. Personally and professionally I want to do everything I do unto God; and it is time to stretch myself again in how He has been letting me minister through my hands as a career to more opportunities for evangelism through my photography.

I think it is awesome how God has put in each one of us a way to carry the message of His love and grace, hope and courage, to do the things we cannot do in and of ourselves. For me, it is exciting and magical to tell you how and where I took my photographs. It is easy to share God through those stories. Many photographs I shot at the time were very strong, but others did not develop into the point I was supposed to get until I revisited them later.


This particular photograph was taken at a rest stop in Michigan. It is the first one I took. When we were landing in Detroit it appeared that all the trees were still green. I thought we had come too soon to see the colors. But not far up the road towards the Upper Peninsula God gave me a gift of seeing the foretaste of the colors to come as we continued north. These brilliant leaves had fallen down to impress upon my spirit the promise of fall foliage to come.

Doing everything unto God has the by product of true satisfaction and appreciation of what He has put in us to do. The relationship that we can have with God through Christ is a truly amazing process. He did not form us and send us out on a rudderless boat. He journeys with us and gives us wisdom if we but ask. We do not have the promise of an easy life; but we do have the promise that He will never leave us. That is the only thing standing when all else fails; knowing He goes into every day as my guide, my shepherd.


catlover1907 said...

Dear Connie,

I appreciate the gift God has given you to be able to share His glory and provision through your beautiful pictures, your thought-provoking words of wisdom that are always so uplifting to my spirit, as well as your musical abilities. I feel so priviledged to know you and be a part of your blog friends.

May God continue to shower you with blessings that only He can give,

Bobbie Jo

Connie said...

Bobbi Jo,
Your precious encouragement is a wellspring that blesses my work. I appreciate it SO much!
Thank you, friend!