Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Christmas Card

I remember getting this photo in my beloved Colorado.  It epitomizes my whole heart for evangelism with my photography.  When I am drawn to a divine appointment like this it makes my heart pound, my eyes shed tears of gratitude, and my knees bow.    Christmas, Emmanuel, God with Us!

Merry Christmas!


Mona said...

So, so beautiful! I love the notecards so much, Connie. I have to pray about actually letting myself send them so they can bless others. My selfish nature wants to keep them all to myself! You are so gifted, and I'm very glad to call you my friend. Love you, girl!!

Connie said...

Mona, you are so funny. I have the same feeling when I give some away, because I really like them as well. I have lots more where they came from, so they can be replaced, I need to remind myself!!! lol
It touches me that they are ministering to you!

Connie said...
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