Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

I got to revisit one of my favorite places on our recent trip to Colorado: The Great Sand Dunes National Monument. The dunes cover 39 square miles and raise to 700 feet at the base of the towering Sangre de Cristos. They seem to be out of place, more likely to be seen on a seashore or desert. The geological explanation is that the wind carries sand worn down from rock to the Cristos. Their height acts as a barrier and the wind's continued pattern of dropping sand forms the dunes.

Something about seeing footprints and sledding stripes as well as persons walking the crests looking like small dots shouted an invitation to interact with these stunning hills of sand. The unexpected glorious landscape excited the center of spiritual pleasure that calls for relationship with the creation. I found that playful tickle in my spirit leading me to roll down one of the dunes. I knew the pictures would make my grandkids giggle. I was elated with joy.

As I get older I find myself doing things that I would have thought improper, embarrassing, dangerous, not age appropriate or frowned on by someone else's standards. I am interested these days in following my joy. I want to be able to encourage others to follow their joy. THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH.

Don't we need to see and have good and happy hearts? Believe me, there is plenty of stuff in our family right now that invites fear and discouragement. Depression, doom and gloom, and fears can all be spread easily. Not that we don't need to talk about things we are going through or walk through some pits. But what are we doing, thinking, speaking that brings us and others more JOY??? Do something today for someone else in secret. Smile at strangers. Tell the checker to have a good day. Run with your pet. Snuggle or hug. Lots of ways to practice JOY! I think a gratitude list and a thanksgiving prayer are always a good jumping off place to develop an attitude of joyfulness. A relationship with the Lord encourages joy and hope.

So make a gratitude list,
walk out some JOY,


Missy said...

Connie, you bring me joy! I have to say that I have found unexpected joy in simply walking once I thought I might not be able to. It really is about not taking life for granted and having gratitude for each moment. I'll take you up on that challenge!

I was looking at your first photo, thinking it looked a little familiar - and looked up. There above my desk was a painting I did in the spring where I was trying to capture an image I'd had in my mind. Here's a link to it.

monic said...

Dear Connie!

Lovely shots! At first, I thought you was a Indian prayer: praying the sky, praying the earth...

When you was rolling, did you eat sand?

swiss “salutations”

Anonymous said...

I love the inspiration to find joy in the little things...I walked both my dogs in a safe area this evening and I still can't figure out who had more fun...definately good for the soul and enjoyed another fabulous TX sunset painting by God. :) - Dee

Connie said...

Hey Girl Friends!
All of your comments bring me joy! Missy, I love your painting...Dee, I visited my friend and met her two rescued dogs yesterday. Doggies sprinkle joy on us and touch us in such marvelous, childlike ways. Monic, I didn't eat sand, but I got very dizzy and giggled lots!

Keep being grateful and spreading JOY! The world needs it, and it will ripple back to us. Blessings!