Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peachy Peden Rd.

I headed out after choir practice to go home. I kept getting a 'tug' to go the long way and drive Peden Rd. circling back to HWY 287. It turned out to be a good nudge as I reaped the peachy rewards. I saw a car in front of me parked off the road as well and began to realize that someone else had stopped to take a photograph. I was enchanted with what was happening to the sky. The sun had gone behind the single big cloud in the west and it was causing a brilliant lining at the top.

I began talking to the other watcher. He was already in place for the sunset because he had stopped to photograph the amazing cactus covered with multiple blooms. We talked awhile and shared our excitement and love of photography when two police officers came up with lights on telling us we were not far enough off the road. We got in our cars and continued on our way, with our spirits drenched in wonderful coral cactus blooms and clouds.


Ps. 96:11
Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad!

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