Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Come, follow me"

I was able to get a couple of prints of one of my favorite photographs from Michigan matted and framed for the photo booth at Heritage Trace Clubhouse tomorrow night.  I will also have the same photo available in a greeting card.

I would like to share with you why this photograph was so strong even before I saw it developed.  The composition was not something I had to plan, but jumped out at me screaming the commitment and faith it takes to be a disciple of Christ.  The red vines on the grand tree by the water caught my eye at first.  Then I realized that the sweeping branch of the tree was framing a sailboat.  The scene spoke to me of the themes of evangelism and faith:  evangelism to be salt and light for the world, and faith that strengthens our Christian walk.   Jesus calls us on a path to and with Him through our storms, keeping our eyes on the only true prize.


At the calling of the first disciples Jesus saw Peter and Andrew, two brothers who were fisherman,  casting a net into a lake.  He said, "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men."Matt. 4:19

Jesus continued to add to his disciples and traveled through Galilee teaching, preaching, and healing.  He took a time apart with his chosen disciples to teach them the Beatitudes.  There would be spiritual joy, but  suffering for those who would be fishers of men for Christ.  Blessed they would be in the kingdom of heaven, though their worldly circumstances would certainly not be pathways full of wealth and ease.

However, the good news for all of us in discipleship is that we are to..."Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven..." Matt. 5:12
because THERE, after all, is where our true treasure resides.  It cannot be earned, but is freely given; a truly invaluable future hope.

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