Monday, November 28, 2011

Desert Light

We recently attended a wedding in Arizona.  Our friends' daughter was married outside on the grounds of a golf course with Superstition Mountain in the background.  The weather cooperated and the event was lovely.  The light was incredible for some of the photographs I took there.


I have had occasion to visit the area around Phoenix a few other times in the last years.  My uncle lived at Mesa before he passed a few years ago.  He took my mother and me out to Superstition Mountain to show us some of his favorite places.

Then another trip to Arizona to a wedding afforded visiting the area and traveling north to the Grand Canyon with my husband.  It was an amazing journey.

The desert blooms in its own special way.  It seems like parched land, but there is always something present that proves life.  It is a good thing to remember.  Rejoice Always, even when circumstances are telling you that death wins.  It is the great lie of the enemy.  We have, through Christ, eternal life.  We have the choice to be grateful, no matter what.  We have the ability to love because He first loved us.  There IS light in the desert, and abundant LIFE.  Praise Him!