Friday, November 12, 2010

Preparing a Room

On Wednesday I spent the day helping my kids do a makeover in my grand daughter's bedroom while she was at school. My son-in-law had constructed the desk/bunk bed unit in the garage. My daughter and I painted the walls. My oldest daughter came and changed out the knobs on her dresser and put decals on the wall. We got the furniture back in, new curtains, rod, blinds in the window, and new rug on the floor just in time for the reveal.

When Faith walked into her room after school she was stunned. She had no idea that her room was being changed that day. She didn't jump up and down, scream, or get crazy as we might have expected. She literally could not take in the beautiful PINK place that was her new hangout! Taylor Swift CD from Gram was playing. Must have sounded like an angel choir to her. Hannah Montana is old stuff and she has a new favorite girl singer. She could scarcely take it in. When she finally could speak it was with gratitude that we all did this for her.


Jesus told his disciples that he was going to prepare a place for them. As well, I will have a place in heaven he has prepared just for me. I can't imagine how it will look. I will probably have a similar look on my face as did Faith. If it had to be translated, possibly would be, "For me? You love me THIS MUCH?"

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