Monday, January 24, 2011

Kingdom Quilt

I landed back in DFW last night after a wonderful ski trip with friends from Phoenix. I requested a window seat, as usual, because God always reveals more of His plan for my life as I see the planet of "world" from above. I revel at the expanses of clouds, fields, mountain ranges, lakes, and cities being revealed in single glances that would take hours or days to navigate by foot or car on the surface of Earth below.

One of the most healing revelations I get every time I fly is how God's tapestry looks perfect from above the planet. Anyone who does needlework knows what the underside of a work in progress looks like; unfinished and raw snippets of thread and choppy surfaces; very few smooth edges. God is at work in our lives. He is the author and perfecter of my place and faith in the Kingdom Quilt. There are things stitched together for a time for His purposes. Sometimes seams are ripped and the quilt is pieced into a different pattern.

I know that God has made me a remnant chosen by grace and grafted in by faith. I was reminded as I looked out over the airplane's wing that, under His wing, He has delivered me to a place of glorious rest. I know that the battle is not mine, except for the field of battle in my own heart, where God directs me to be about my Father's business.

from my song,'The Battle' 2001:

Indeed, we live as human,
but we do not wage war thus.
It is our greatest weapon
to have obedience and trust.

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