Thursday, October 21, 2010

But wait; there's more!

Catching the fabulous moon this morning was enough in itself. But the deal was sweetened with an amazing sunrise. I was enticed out by an announcement on early news television about a predawn meteor shower for the next few days. It got me outside to watch for streaks of light in the sky. Just to wrap one's mind around such an event is a stretch. But I was also treated to interesting clouds, a round moon, and a ring of light surrounding it. The feeling was sort of like watching an infomercial. I laughed and imagined God saying, "Stick around kid! The deal gets sweeter. Stay out here and spend some time with me before I sweeten the pot with a stunning sunrise!"

If I didn't have time to run in and tell friends about the sweet deal, at least I took pictures to pass it on. Great things are happening in the sky while I am still sleeping! The cool, quiet time this morning with God started my day out with a two-for-one. Thought I was getting moon shots and got sunrise as well. God is good!


Shout for joy, O heavens!
Isaiah 49:13

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