Monday, August 16, 2010


Eric and I got out to the Hill Country for the weekend, and away from all the city crowds. We attended a Jackson Browne concert Friday night before heading out, courtesy of our buddies from Grapevine. Bought a CD there, and it was great traveling music. Great folk/rock blends of guitar and lyrics that carried us away to a wonderful, restful journey.

I had many divine appointments which God used to remind me of his love, grace, guidance, and awesomeness. For instance, the shadow cast by the lamppost reminded me that, though I am away from home, I am underneath the 'shadow' of His wing. The heart-shaped prickly pear reminded me that, even though my path may have some thorns, He never leaves me; and neither does His deep, abiding love. The lighthouse reminded me that He is my light, and will guide me through the storms. The dragonfly reminded me in its flight that the Son has set me free.

My treks into nature, with eyes given to see the message in small things, help me to carry on knowing that He cares so much for me to give me reminders at every turn. God is good all the time; all the time God is good!

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