Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a Smidgen

I took these two photographs, one after the other, of the same place near Lake City, Colorado. The first one showed just a smidgen of the vista in front of me. The other showed a more complete composition of the immense scene.

I felt the stirring of heaven as I looked upon this sprawling beauty. Just the mountain by itself was amazing. Then the aspen grove added its magic. As the valley fell away to the canyon and rock outcroppings, it was nearly more than I could take in. On my next post I will reveal the astounding waterfall that was just to the left of this incredible scenery.

We can only see a part here, but can only imagine the stunning and thrilling love and beauty that is our eternal home. It gives me hope to look upon scenes like this. It reminds me that He holds me close and gives me daily strength to finish the race. As I stand before such grandeur, I long to hear as I stand before my Father in Heaven, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

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ann cox said...

Hi Connie, loved to see Lake City, Co. this is where my former husband (20 yrs. ago) vacationed many times. Went to the church there in Lake City sponsored by my friends at the time. Also there was a place called Pop Corn theater. so much fun Thank u for giving a treat to places of refreshments for a pastor & his wife many yrs. ago.....Lov u Ann