Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simple Elegance

My Colorado friends have taught me much about simple elegance. They don't have lots of things, yet the way they serve each other and their guests is nothing less than simple elegance. Dale puts love into the preparation of fish for the grill, or making us a fire to enjoy the millions of stars seen after it gets dark on the mountain. Lessy knows how to add the finishing touches to her meals with a flourish of decoration or simply delicious sauces and dressings for veggies, salad, and pasta.

One of our traditions is to exchange prezzies (presents) upon my arrival to their cabin. They are never very expensive, but often found at garage sales or second hand shops. But they bring squeals of delight upon opening. We anticipate the reaction of the other as much as the anticipation of what our treasures will be.

I learn how to be a servant with a glad heart, and also a child in receiving with delight and gratitude the simple gifts we exchange. One of the prezzies I received this last trip was a set of delightful cloth napkins with a moose in the corner. Upon returning home I found two green pottery dishes at a garage sale that had an orange clay rim that matched the napkin. When I served my husband dinner tonight with the cloth napkin and the plate filled with baked chicken, baked potato, and sliced avocado he got a big smile on his face. It made him feel special.

We all are. You know, special. When we take a few extra minutes to find ways to serve others we glorify God. We can take joy in completing jobs and blessing others. It is the secret of simple elegance. And I believe God smiles in pride as He sees his kids maturing and sharing love in these simple, serving ways.


If anyone wants to be first,
he must be the very last,
and the servant of all.
Mark 9:35

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Mona said...

Lovely! What a simple, yet elegant, meal that, by the way, looks absolutely delicious. How apropos to receive moose napkins on this trip!! I love that verse, too. I can hear the Psalty the Singing Songbook recording in my head. What a great way to learn Scripture--make a song from it! Excellent post, Connie.