Saturday, June 18, 2011

Small Wonder

These small wonders are SUGARBOWLS. I have seen them usually farther north than Colorado. However, this time the forests and meadows around Evergreen seemed to have an abundance. I saw them in colors ranging from dark blue, periwinkle, shades of purple, and maroon. They are called sugarbowls because the sepals flare outward and give the flower a fancy Victorian sugarbowl appearance.

I think some of my fascination with these beauties is their feathery plume and silvery hairy stems. The fingerlike leaves stretching in beautiful lines remind me of beautiful ballet dancers. The last photo, in particular, almost brought me to tears. I caught this lovely dancer on an early morning walk through the meadow. It seemed as though she was just waking up, and in her graceful stretch allowed me to photograph her in an upright position. It evoked a small writing which I put on a note to myself on my cell phone...

'Stretch, Lady Sugarbowl. Awake to let your cup be filled by the sweetness of the Son! Dance with your Maker, and celebrate the Life He has given you!


A quite proper way to start the day, before our feet hit the ground, is to acknowledge and be filled by the sweetness of our Lord. It is indeed sweetness for God to use such a small wonder He brilliantly designed to remind me of how to wake up!

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