Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looking down

Taking into consideration the not-so-promising weather forecasts, we thought we should try to get the northern route of our day plan done first before the rain came. The narrow roads we found ourselves on as we proceeded to Gothic and beyond gave us spectacular views of the river and hillsides, and finally Emerald Lake.

As I began grouping these pictures that I was able to get from a 'looking down' perspective, I thought about the two sides of a piece of tapestry or needlework. The side from the top makes sense because is finished and smooth. From the underside it seems knotty (naughty) and frazzled, and certainly not finished or good enough. I confess that is how I see myself when I have believed the lies and the liar.

That thought brought me to the idea of grace. God looks down on us, and sees us whole. He bestows grace on us not by our works or efforts to look good or finished, or to produce the most of anything in order to procure his or anyone else's favor. His love reaches beyond the mountaintops, beyond the galaxies, throughout creation, down to each one of us. That tapestry of royal hues along our journey that morning provided us but a tiny glance at the gift of grace, and the invitation to believe His grace is sufficient. There is no way to earn or deserve it...we were knitted into the tapestry, never to be separated from the creator of the universe and His great love.

Tune my heart to sing Thy grace!
(from Come, thou Fount of Every Blessing)
by Robert Robinson and John Wyeth


Dee K. said...

I felt extremely frazzled today, and stuck in the lies of the liar. Praise God...His Grace is Enough, and I can rest my head in the peace that only comes from my Heavenly Father. Thanks Dad. (and thank you Connie for the great analogy.)

Connie said...

Hey Sweet Sista~~
His amazing grace IS enough. I pray sweet sleep and freedom dreams of restoration. You are the King's precious daughter! Let's harmonize a little "Amazing Grace" in the Spirit, okay??