Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice Ice

The last morning in Crested Butte and the first morning back in Evergreen we were blessed with fresh snow and ice. The temperatures were in the 20's, and the skies were bright blue. At the cabin I shifted into the old Nebraska girl mode and got the 4-runner defrosting as I swept the inches of snow off the rental with a broom I found in the cabin. Yes, now I was remembering those winter mornings when my husband was traveling and I had to get two girls driven to school after I dug the car out. Here I had no tardy bell and could just enjoy the view.

The adirondack chairs that seemed so inviting upon our arrival did not have the same appeal under a blanket of snow. But the eves of the cabin were barely hanging on to their curved icy petticoats. The picnic tables seemed to have been dressed with white linen tablecloths. The mountainsides were dressed with a million Christmas trees giving praise back to the creator. The fresh snow and ice stayed around a scant hour to give me opportunities to capture the season overlap of autumn colors with snowfall.

The next morning back home in Evergreen we again woke to snow and ice. It quickly melted, but offered a window of wonderland that I seldom get to experience living in Texas. The locals must have thought I was nuts, or a tourist, (or both) to be out taking pictures of snow. I was so glad to have remembered the hood for my camera. It allowed me to shoot into the sun and get the glisten of the ice and snow reflections. The plugs of grass took on the look of white spiders, while the icy weeds and leaves took on the appearance of creamy lace and fine, glittering jewels.

Wow! Aspen glow and glistening snow, too?? I am indeed a lucky girl...


The Lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:3

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Coloring Life said...

As someone who has tried capturing ice and water on plants, I'm very impressed with these shots.