Friday, October 17, 2008

Sensory Overload

I had made some stir fry and baked rice and raisin custard the night before. I dished out a scoop of the leftover custard and warmed it in the microwave. Taking my hot cereal outside, all my senses seemed to be in overdrive. Having lived in Texas for 20 years, I rarely get the opportunity of having a cold nose in tandem with the steam rising from a hot cereal laden with sugar and cinnamon. As I walked the perimeter of the cabin I could see and hear the last quake of hundreds of aspen leaves raining to the ground. Then I finished my tasty breakfast just in time to visit with the deer and fox that came to see if there was any critter crunch to munch for their breakfast. The wonderful assault on my senses through the colors, smells, sounds and tastes that morning on the mountain will always be a treasured memory to revisit in my waking and sleeping dreams. The Father reveals his love for us through such incredible, spectacular simplicity. I have delighted in the depth of His love given to me in the autumn forest morning.


Arise and shine, for the light has come.
The glory of the Lord has risen upon thee!


Missy said...

Those sunny golden drops in the snow seem so out of place! What a treat. I love a hot cup of tea out on the deck right after the first snowfall - hot steam and crystalized air; insulated silence against the crash of each snowflake. It IS sensory overload, and it makes me so aware and greatful for the life the Father has given!

Connie said...

Don't know if you are too young to remember John Denver singing, "You fill up my senses." It is a secular song, but like so many good lyrics, can really be sung to God.

You captured what I was feeling in your lovely description of sipping/eating something hot while in the season's first white blanket.