Sunday, October 5, 2008

Renewed Youth

I go through a sweet regime to get ready for my annual autumn trip to the Rockies. I prayerfully prepare and speak my desires to God. I have expectancy of seeing marvelous things. I anticipate my nose getting cold outside the covers, and my hindquarters getting warmed by the morning fire. I can smell the fragrant forest and hear the quaking of the leaves even in my dreams. I imagine the joy of seeing familiar animal faces on Evergreen Mountain, and the outrageous thrill of making the acquaintance of some new creatures. Even getting ready to go there makes me young in my spirit.

I was having a conversation with one of my sons-in-law last night about my upcoming trip to Colorado. He said that he misses the mountains, but it is because if he has the choice of mountains or seaside, he will choose the ocean. There is something about the hunt in the mountains, the "what's around the next corner", that lets the child in me celebrate. I have been known to jump up and down and squeal with abandon several times a day at the display of God's visual gifts to me during my visits. He reveals his glory and I am appropriately impressed.

I once advised a friend, "Look for things for which to thank God. Then do it. Praise Him and thank Him abundantly! That simple task will greatly improve your attitude and your life." I am reminding myself to go full of praise, ready to dance in freedom and fly like an eagle.

(The bird in the photo is actually an osprey, not an eagle, but the sentiment the same.)

Praise the LORD...who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
~Psalm 103:1,5~


Missy said...

I look forward to what you bring back for us, Connie! I'm following your lead and heading a bit north into the mountains next week - I'm asking the Lord for beauty, but I might have to ask for a great deal more skill in photography if I am to capture it in the same way you do!

May God bless your journey. :)

Connie said...

...and He bless yours as well! I understand I may be in for some snow while we are at Crested Butte. It should make for some wonderful blended shots of snow and autumn color together.

That is what I am seeing in my mind's eye, so calling it forth!

Have a great time on your trip!
<>< c

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! That's an amazing in flight shot. Unheard of getting, unless you have some help from Creator. ;)