Sunday, August 2, 2009


We were heading back to Canyon Village from Norris inside Yellowstone National Park. The conversation went something like this:

"Stop! There's a bear!"
"We just passed him...on top of those fallen limbs. He was digging grubs or eating something on top of the pile."

My husband turned around and we spied him still atop the mound of limbs digging to his hearts content into some delectable find. He was a small black bear, light colored. I was guessing he might have been a 2 year old now out on his own because his mama had a new young one.

We did an about face and got a few pictures. Soon cars began to stop and line up behind us. They were anxious to catch a glimpse of the animal that most will only ever see in a zoo. He seemed to be oblivious to his audience and continued to dig and wander around the area searching for more morsels to devour.

We had been the first on the scene to cause a BEAR JAM! Somehow, being the first to cause a 'jam' has great pride attached. I saw the animal first that was the cause of the traffic jam. My husband asked me how I ever saw him. I had my eyes peeled just hoping for such an opportunity. I had expectancy to see something and watched for movement and color along the road.

So, BEAR JAM is not something bears eat or made out of bears, but is definitely sweet! These 'JAMS' come in other flavors. My favorites are MOOSE JAM, GRIZZLY JAM, ELK JAM, FOX JAM, BISON JAM, and BABY CRITTER JAM.


Sometimes He has given me the desires of my heart!! Be careful what you ask might get BEAR JAM!!!


GreenKhadijah said...

Bear Jam!! LOL Funny...

I never come across light brown colored bears b4 at the zoo...

Wow u captured a wild bear!!!('s picture) hehehehe

The bear looked kind of skinny don't u think so?

Connie said...

Yes, he is small. Probably only 2 years old. Has lots of eating to do to gain some weight before hibernating this winter! He made me SMILE!!!