Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ga Ga Geography

I have been a rock collector since I was a small child. The different colors, forms, textures, and mixtures fascinate me. I remember as a child walking country roads and bringing home my collecitons of shiny quartz, mica, and conglomerates that sparkled in the sun.

As an adult the striations in canyon walls leave my mouth open gasping at the amazing geological formations. I don't take rocks out of national parks, but do take out pictures of the amazing rocks, canyon colors, and hoodoos. All these particular formations of volcanic rock were explained this way: molten basalt (a volcanic rock) flows quickly in streams to form sheets of lava. The cooling crystallizes the basalt and it contracts into columns. These are the Sheepeater Cliffs and canyon walls around Tower in northern Yellowstone.

I went Ga Ga over them! Flowing rock...amazing God!

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