Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Red Dress

Those of you who know me well, I am here to tell you that already posing my grand daughter in little dresses when she is less than a week old was not started by me, but her mother. This little preemie dress might not make it on again with all the clothes this child already has. Nonetheless, you know I'd have a rhyme:

This little babe in polka dots...
you must know I love her lots.
If this photo had a tag?...
"I pledge allegiance to the flag..."


Aren't you glad God made us with the capacity to love Him and one another?

1 comment:

GreenKhadijah said...

It's no surprise to post this entry on Day 4...I have a cute girl that every time i went to see her, it had been my reflex to snap a picture of her...she's 8 month old now and healthily growing as the day goes by....hahahaha :D
Your granddaughter really looked cute in the red polka dot dress...

:) Smile Always