Monday, August 1, 2011

Parched Ground

Isn't God good that he put in us the capacity to stay in the moment, but also the capacity to bring up a memory. We can remember a place of wildflowers growing on the banks of rushing waters when we are dwelling in a time of parched ground. We can remember fertile, lush fields when we are in the midst of flooded lands. There is a cycle, and things pass.

My friend from Colorado always reminds me, "It pass." The circumstance we are in, whether it be flooding or parched ground, will not be forever.

We can sing praises of thanksgiving that we have beautiful memories of past times and hope for a future. God is good.


He turned the desert
into pools of water
and the parched ground
into flowing springs.
Psalm 107:35


Anonymous said...

Good to remember. :-)
Connie, bless you for your various ministries. You are a
rare breed---a minister who walks the walk; striving to be like Jesus, you go where needed, give selflessly, and focus on following the Holy Spirit and His directions and appointments for those in need. Love you.~ Karen

Connie said...

Thank you Karen. It has been said that you cannot see something in someone else unless you have that thing in yourself. I am amazed at the tough roads you travel and get up again the next day to do what God directs, no matter how difficult. You are a gift of wisdom and encouragement in my life. lovu2