Monday, August 15, 2011

With the Greatest of Ease

We were able to go with the entire family to the Barnum and Bailey circus on Wednesday night. It was wonderful to see the animal acts, clowns, stunts, and amazing feats of all kinds. But for me, the most thrilling to see were the balancing and trapeze acts that took the skill of one built upon another to accomplish. These represented years of practice, many falls, and a building of trust with the partners. The skills were not perfect at first or hundredth attempts.

I remember as a young girl putting a pole between two trees out on the farm and trying to walk across. We kids also got pretty good at barrel rolling. I also remember swinging my siblings by their arms, and see my children swing theirs in the same way. I had tons of dreams that I could fly.

My granddaughter loves to be swung around in every direction by her father. It brings smiles and giggles instead of fear because she trusts the one that has a hold on her. Hmmmm.

There is something about swinging and balancing in high places that is intrinsic in our nature to try to escape the bonds of earth. I love to watch my oldest granddaughter swing. She gets so high, and likewise swings on the monkey bars with the greatest of ease. My grandson, however, loves to fly across the room from one sofa to another. He literally flies! There is a consciousness that is stirred up. It has intensified as well in me as I have been able to ride in helicopters, hot air balloons, and ski lifts as an adult. I get the same rush of fast movement as I have been able to increase speed skiing down a mountain.

It is not that I have a death wish; but I look forward to the time when, with the greatest of ease, I will be loosed from the earth and the bondage of self. For now, we need to help each other balance life's terms with the faith that we have until that day.


Two are better than one,
because together they can work effectively,
if one of them falls down,
the other can help him up...
Ecclesiastes 4:9

I want us to help each other
with the faith we have.
Your faith will help me,
and my faith will help you.
Romans 1:12

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