Monday, August 8, 2011

Seeing is Believing?

On this past Friday morning I was out doing some errands and stopping at a few garage sales along my path. I found myself passing by an apple tree while getting back to the main road. I noticed that lots of birds were feeding on the apples. As I got out of the car to get closer to take a picture of the fruit I noticed green movement. When I stepped closer a flurry of green birds flew off into the tall trees in back of the lot. I rubbed my eyes, and though I saw them I still did not believe what I was seeing. Doubting Thomas I was.

When I went back the next day with my camera I saw them again. A few were in the apple tree; but most of them were across the street. I had to strain to see them hidden high in the green leaves. The neighbor to the apple tree told me that they had migrated from the Texas coast last year and again this year. They returned to the apple tree.

I thought again how God sets me up. I stop to take a picture of one thing and find the He has positioned me to see something that is so awesome that it is hard to believe, even though I see it right before my eyes. God is good!

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DeeDee said...

beautiful pictures Connie.. you were blessed to see these lovelies... I must drive by and take a peek too!!