Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Fill Up My Senses

I could hear John Denver singing in my dream last night. I was shown, while hearing the song of 'You Fill Up My Senses' how that applies to God giving us ministries. Let me go stroll through the manifestation of touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing in my own life. This is not meant to be a list of MY accomplishments, but a spurring on and encouragement to each of you that HE HAS GIVEN YOU GIFTS AS WELL FOR THE BODY. Believe me, I am in awe of those that can organize events, things, and people; administer, oversee finances, run committees, deeply understand and navigate technical waters/computers. lol I have been around long enough to know they are not my gifts, but they might be yours!

God has let me express His love to others by TOUCH through my massage therapy, and by giving hugs or touches to convey not only my love for others, but His love for them as well. We can only love because HE first loved us. He has let me minister through SMELL and TASTE by sharing meals prepared for others. He has graced me with the ability cook and to set a beautiful table to serve as a preview of the BANQUET that awaits us in heaven. He has put in me the passion to be a warrior for women that have been abused.

He has let me minister through sound (HEARING) by giving me songs and being a compassionate listener. He has let me minister through SIGHT by use of colors; making banners, preparing a restful and peaceful flow of colors in my massage room and home as a whole. He has put me in places to photograph breathtaking and unbelievable things in order to bring others to the awesome presence of God.

I think that all the senses work together in strengthening the of flow for the glory of God. For instance, it makes a difference how songs are put in order for worship. There is a building in each song, and a connection between songs that makes the worship service more effective. It follows for me that it makes a difference what color your massage room or sleeping area is painted. It makes a difference how building of flavors, smells, colors, and textures of food build upon each other to construct a meal for guests. The impact on our senses that draws us to worship God is one of the way He fills us to do his work.

The impact of a tremendous divine appointment to see a spectacular scene to pass on to you is but to draw you to Christ, Himself, WHO WAS PRESENT AT ITS VERY CREATION! He is present and expressed through our senses, if we allow ourselves to get out of the way and let the LOVE flow out from us that was poured into us. He flows at our tables, on our walls, through our words and touch, through our works and hearts.

God has ministered to me so much especially through photography and song by giving me opportunities to witness things and receive songs to sing that help MY unbelief. Those are not things to keep to myself. They are for the Body. So many times people have responded to me about a photo, "How can you see THAT and not believe in God?


Believe me when I say that the senses and how we receive and pass things on through our ministries comes down to the heart. At the end of the day I do not covet your praises about my photos, massage, decorating, cooking, skills with color, singing, hospitality, or whatever. I am a right-brained, creative introvert. These are things God has given me with which to minister. He gives us gifts differing. We all have strengths, gifts in which to flow. My heart's desire is that you would feel peace and inspiration through these offerings that would lead you to the GIVER OF ALL GIFTS. He fills us up to be poured out for the Body.

Per my blog, I am glad that you like my photographs. Don't get me wrong; I am human and it makes me feel good that you enjoy the photographs. But I hope when a photo brings you to your knees or ministers to you in some way that you would see the awesome Creator! Not saying, "Oh, Connie", but "Oh, GOD!"

Like looking through these TENT ROCKS in New Mexico to the light and great ROCK calling us in a direction; it is life giving to know that God gives us visions and dreams to point our way to how He would work in us His purposes.


And we know that in all things
God works for the good
of those who love him,
who have been called
according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

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Mona said...

Great post! My favorite part was: "But I hope when a photo brings you to your knees or ministers to you in some way that you would see the awesome Creator! Not saying, "Oh, Connie", but "Oh, GOD!"" You have been given many gifts by our Creator, Connie, and it's so honoring to Him that you use them to their fullest potential. Your photos of God's creation minister to my spirit so abundantly. I wish EVERYONE could see them. I pray you continue to use your blessings long into the future, touching lives and ministering to those who may not know Him.