Friday, March 26, 2010

Something about Bacon

I was trying to find the Easter decorations and began thinking about coloring hard-boiled eggs. Before I found the bin with the Easter things I found myself detouring to the kitchen to assemble the ingredients for some bacon and egg macaroni and cheese. May sound odd to you, but it is outrageously good! Bacon on salad, bacon on sandwich, bacon wrapped around tiny sausages or asparagus; I love bacon. I had this craving come over me and was just home from the grocery store with some gluten-free four cheese Alfredo sauce. I cooked the gluten-free pasta, drained it, added chunks of Velveeta cheese and the jar of sauce, and microwaved it until the yellow cheese was melted. I scooped myself some into a nice big bowl and topped it with chopped hard-boiled egg and some thick and crisp chewy Wright's bacon. It was heavenly! Try this if you need a way to use up those hard-boiled Easter eggs.


I wonder what the manna from heaven tasted like as it fell down for daily sustenance to God's people? I wonder if we will have food in heaven or even need it with our new bodies. I wonder if we will eat animal flesh or veggies or just be able to breathe God and be sufficiently fed by tasting the Lord and knowing He is good. I wonder if there will be gardens to harvest or if we will have jobs. I wonder if we will be able to sing or play instruments that we cannot now. I wonder why bacon and eggs chopped up on top of macaroni and cheese makes me ask so many questions. There is just something about bacon...(c;

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