Wednesday, June 11, 2008



I have mixed emotions when I see old barns and homesteads abandoned and ready to fall over. They are such a reminder of generations past and a much simpler time. Not a time of easier work, but less clutter and clearer understanding of what you reap, plant, sow; you harvest. One barn we passed, which was not in a safe spot along the road for a photograph, I think could have toppled with one good cough in its direction.

I often wonder what kind of world my grandchildren will have. Their world of technology is so far from how I grew up out on a farm in western Nebraska; not not even a black and white television until I was in junior high school. When I begin to worry about what they will have to endure, I remember God has no grandchildren...just children. He will strengthen and lead them as He has done for all the generations who knock at the door, listen for direction, and desire relationship with Him.

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