Friday, June 6, 2008

Great and Small

The glorious design of a single flower still captivates me. I saw several wildflowers on this trip that I had not seen before. The wild iris was breathtaking. I had seen old-fashioned ones in the country, and actually had lavender ones by my front door in Nebraska that had a scent of grape Kool-Aid. These in Colorado were much smaller, but no less impressive. Some were pastel blue, some deep purple, some periwinkle, and one lone white bloom stood out in the center of the patch. They all sprung up in the open space leading to the trails on Evergreen Mountain.

The yellow blooms were all over the countryside. They reminded me in their shape of Texas bluebonnets. At an airport shop I saw a picture of one in a wildflower book that identified it as part of the pea family.

The yellow meadow was one of many flower-painted fields north of Steamboat Springs on the way to our cabin near Clark. The mix of meadows, barns, pristine ranches and surrounding hills and mountains reminded me of Vermont. This road was a feast for the senses.

The impact of one petal, let alone the entire flower, is quite impressive. But when a whole meadow is covered with flowers it is something to behold; especially when the entire meadow is surrounded by mountains reaching into bright blue skies and painting-worthy clouds. Things great and small, He made them all.

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