Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anniversary Sunset

Today the sun is setting on our 36th wedding anniversary. The sky was full of many intense colors and patterns; not unlike a long marriage.

Thirty three years ago, on our third anniversary, I spent the whole afternoon in hard labor delivering our first girl. This afternoon I babysat our grandchildren. God has blessed our days and we have a goodly inheritance! I am blessed with a husband, daughters, sons by marriage, and grandchildren all going forth as fruit of our marriage. Blessings abound!

The boundaries have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.
Psalm 16:6


Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a nice day! Love the sunset pictures!! Beautiful!

Connie said...

thanks Jenny! off to celebrate....will get you linked...and leave you a hey, <>< c

karen said...

Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to your girl, too! :-D
We'll catch up when you're back.

Missy said...

Thank you for sharing these, Connie. We've had miserable rainy weather and haven't seen signs of a sun in days.

I see you had a beautiful day, so no late wishes to give - but I am praying for year 37 to abound in fruitiness!