Sunday, September 14, 2008

He knows the number...

On our recent trip to Nebraska we headed out to the countryside to see if we could find an apple orchard that we had previously visited. It was in disrepair, but we discovered some beautiful fields of giant sunflowers. Across from the huge blooms screaming for attention was a field of all green unassuming soybeans. The only reason they caught my attention is that I have become crazy about edamame. As I noted the beans on the green plants, I realized what they were.

One of the delights about having a camera that can capture such detail is that I don't know sometimes what tiniest thing might become visible that I couldn't see until I uploaded the pictures to the computer. On the big screen these tiny things become apparent, and sometimes have a startling effect. The little things take on a whole new significance.

When I saw this on the big screen I could see all the tiny fuzz/hairs on the soybean. I was reminded in the spirit that God know the numbers of hairs on my head. May seem insignificant, but even when the count goes down by three or four as I brush my hair, God immediately can answer the question of how many hairs are left. He knows how many stars are in the sky, how many freckles are on my granddaughter's cheeks, how many tears of mine he has collected.
The 'count' is always correct, current, and can count on it!

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