Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Le Tournasol

I loved finding out the meaning of 'Le Tournasol' when I took French in college. It literally means 'turning to face the sun.' I grew up in western Nebraska, so am quite familiar with the smaller sunflowers. I was delighted to find these fields of giant sunflowers out in the Nebraska countryside.

These are a few words from a song I wrote recently:

He seeded the meadows with flowers;
a work of art, every one.
We could take a lesson
how each turns its face to the Son.

It was amazing to see the giant sunflowers all turned in the same direction, with faces boldly soaking in the brilliance of the life-giving sun. In fact, in the third picture I could see two sets of angel hands clapping in response to the flowers giving the source of light their full attention.

They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.
Rev. 22:4


Anonymous said...

You have done it yet again!! Thesephotos are immensely encouaging and uplifting. Continue to seek God's face and unite your photos with his word. Thanks so much, you are a great encourager.


Connie said...

Thanks girlfriend! Encouragers need encouragement, you well know!
<>< c