Sunday, June 21, 2009


This little chipmunk hanging out in the front yard of the cabin was just delightful to watch. I saw him snip off a dandelion and take it up on the woodpile to finish. He started nibbling from the stem end and ended up with the flower at his mouth. Another afternoon I caught him up in the tree nibbling again.

But the best interaction I had with him was sneaking up to my friend's basil that she had received for Mother's Day. She was a little distressed that it was not doing very well. I had parked myself up on the hill level to the cabin's roof to get a better vantage point for taking pictures of the hummingbird feeder. Then I saw him. He made short dashes as he headed towards...the basil plants. He scurried up to the planter, stood up on his hind legs, and leaned forward to take a nibble. Then he spotted me and got a look on his face of utter dismay that I had caught him about to snitch some tasty raw Italian snack. He had been BUSTED!


Aren't we like that sometimes? We think that what we are doing in secret or darkness nobody will every know. But someone watches from up on the hill, and even knows what we will do before we do it. The good news is that when we tell on ourselves to Him, he forgives and forgets. In Him we have the forgiveness of sins.

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