Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Thing

Every day while I was on the mountain I would get a morning walk in down to Wild Iris Loop. I was surprised by a new kind of flower blooming every day. I had seen most of them before.

On one of the last days I thought I saw an odd color in the midst of the golden pea and wild iris. The iris can range from white to stages of lavender going into dark purple. What I saw had more deep pink tones. As I got closer I could see the beautiful 'shooting stars'. The morning light was shining through the thin hot pink membrane of the petals. In the same place I had always walked God showed me a new thing!

I get comfortable even in what I consider to be beautiful. I look with limited vision for the same old thing, or something I am familiar with. But the wild Spirit pushes me to learn something new, to sing something new, to try something new, to do a new thing. Our cells actually are totally replaced in a certain time period. We are continually becoming a new thing. So, don't get too comfortable in that old skin...a new thing is coming. Answer the invitation! There are exciting discoveries in the world and in you!

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