Monday, June 29, 2009

Three Foxes

I have come to know several generations of foxes on Evergreen Mountain. These three were the ones I saw the most on this last trip to Colorado:

Flopsy, a gray fox, is just precious. She has a favorite place to sit up on the hill before she comes down to the cabin. She is so named because one of her ears has been injured. At one point she seemed to look up at me with a sweet smile and acknowledgement of 'knowing' me. She had not been there for awhile so I was tickled that she came during my visit.

Sparky, a red fox, has a beautiful fuzzy face. He seems to also look straight at me with a feeling of trust and familiarity. He was pretty easy to photograph. Sparky came with a kit one day, so we are not sure if he is male or female.

G.Q., a red fox, was quite elusive. His face was quite sharp and he seemed to know he was gorgeous; a bit full of himself. He was also quite skittish, so I was lucky to get any photographs of him at all.

These foxes each seemed to have a very distinct personality. I felt quite humbled that two of them established a trusting relationship with me. They are beautiful creatures.

I think of how God formed each of us in our mothers' wombs, and how he knows us by name. He made us for relationship, each different and precious.

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