Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fields of Fall

I took a motorcycle ride with my husband last night and saw tons of the typical fall flowers of the fields in Texas. Once you see these you know that the pumpkin patches are right around the corner.

When 7:00 p.m. arrived I could see signs of a promising sunset. I took off with the camera to see if I might get a reflection in the small lake along Bonds Ranch Rd. The swirls did not match the Van Gogh sky of last night, but it was refreshing to take the drive in the country and enter into worship for the grand display of the changing season.


To everything there is a season.
Eccl. 3:1


Missy said...

Connie, I have driven that road many times. Not once have I stopped to see it the way you have. You're amazing. No wonder God's so in love with you!

I'm going to take a little time and adjust my scope, rely on God and see what it is he'll have me see.

Connie said...

Missy, you made me cry...your words of encouragement are ones that keep me posting because I know it makes a difference and ministers to someone to share where God takes me.

That road has become one of my favorites for catching some country with flowers and rolling hills under a great sky.

You have such a sweet heart dear one!

GreenKhadijah said...

beautifully captured