Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving the Piano

The heavens declare the glory of God!
Ps. 19:1

I remember being afraid of lightning and storms when I was a little girl, but always being fascinated with clouds. My girls wish I was more afraid lightning now. I have been fortunate to get a few pictures of it, but really do have a healthy respect for the weather. The hail clouds came first this evening in their darkening marshmallow forms and I knew there was potential for a bad storm. Then the sounds of thunder began to pound their unpredictable rumbles through the thickness of the dark sky. Only the occasional lightning would lend some clue to what the forms of clouds looked like by that time.


My grandmother told me that God was moving his piano in heaven when it thundered. I also remember my grandma Bessie sewing me five dresses for school. I would have one for each day of the week. I remember my grandma Lillie making awesome homemade ice cream. hot fudge sauce, great fried chicken and creamy gravy, and this great stuff called vinegar candy. You either love it or hate it.

My family on both sides had lots of problems, but I do remember some special foods, times, and talks with my grandmothers and great grandmother. The gifts of time, stories, tastes, and traditions carry forward with some things that remain as keepers to establish in the future generations. I wonder what my children and grandchildren will remember about me. I know we have made some good memories for them to carry forward.


Anonymous said...

Great shots of Mammatus clouds. The name comes from mammalian (or mamma in Latin), due to the hanging breast shapes that are formed when there is very unstable air aloft. There's the science teacher in me coming out again! -Dee :)

Connie said...

You're so smart, Ms. Science! I learn a lot from you! Thanks for the cloud, bird, flower identifications!
<>< c