Monday, July 7, 2008

The Cedars

We crossed over into Montana and took a route south of Troy to get down to Salmon and Stanley. We saw a small sign pointing to the right inviting an off the main road adventure. Why not? Ross Creek Cedars, here we come!

When we got to the trail head there was a mile-long hike ahead. That sounded like a nice bit of exercise and a break from the car. In a short distance on the trail we entered an enchanted mysterious forest of giant cedars that could have been in a number of movies that come to mind. Hollowed out bases provided opportunities to stand inside several of the trees. The moss and ferns gave way to a feeling of stepping into a prehistoric woodland. Again, like the deep canyons, I felt very small next to these representations of God's majesty in nature.

The trees of the Lord
are well watered,
the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.
Psalm 104:16

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