Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thousand Springs

We saw this magnificent hillside along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway on Hwy 30 from Twin Falls. It seemed like the rocks were weeping. My buddies suggested they were tears of joy, and that the second picture even appeared to be a mouth praising God. It was such a visual and spiritual manifestation of Living Water to receive the blessing of watching them all tumble down the hillside.

When I went looking for scriptures, I was quite startled at what I found that fit the scene so perfectly.


He brought streams out of a rocky craig
and made water flow down like rivers.
Psalm 78:16


Melissa said...

The second scene is really amazing!

Connie said...

I went in search of more information, and found that they used to be even more numerous and impressive, but much of the water has been diverted. I could hardly believe my eyes!

blessing to you and your family!
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