Friday, November 7, 2008

God dresses the flowers

God dresses the flowers of the field.
Matthew 6:3~~~~~~

Sometimes I can try on three or four outfits before I decide on one. I get sidetracked with what to wear, and not liking that anything fits the way I want. I leave my pile to rehang later, and get out the door to get about my list of to-do's. Flowers don't worry about what they are wearing, yet they are beautiful. He gives us such a variety because I think he knew they would give us joy.

On the roads in Arkansas the sumac bushes were so beautiful and abundant that it appeared at times like they were fields of wildflowers. When we came over a hill or around a turn to be greeted by a beautiful autumn swath of red, it was truly a delight to thank God for all the varieties of leaves and flowers.


karen said...

Bee you tee ful!

Missy said...

At first I thought, "Look at that giant grasshopper on the tree!" Hehe! I love these bursts of red. God dresses them a few times before he's done, doesn't He? :)

Connie said...

I thought the grasshopper would bolt before I got zoomed in to shoot him. He must have wanted his picture taken! haha