Monday, November 17, 2008

Take Courage

My girls wonder, seeing that I walked a major part of a steep trail down into the Grand Canyon and later took a helicopter ride over it, just what I did with their mother. Having to walk on the outside edge as we met other hikers, or sharing a narrow path with mules and riders was quite a thrill. Believe me, this is new territory for me. I have been delivered from so many of my fears of heights and flying. I approached such opportunities being prepared in body, mind, and Spirit. I have been working out with a goal of increasing muscle strength and cardio stamina. It paid off, and I was able to get on the trail and into the helicopter.

I think, while exercising was important, that listening to the Holy Spirit was the most important ingredient in these victories. Some tough life stuff got me to the place of stepping out in freedom offered for the TAKING. Interesting word, 'TAKE' . I found it in scripture in a way that really tuned me in a new direction concerning the things that invite me to be afraid. God will make His Word fresh to move us to new life, new trails, for His glory and to fulfill our hearts' desires.

BE of good COURAGE..., all you who hope in the Lord.
Ps. 31:24

...he THANKED God, and TOOK courage...
Acts 28:15

What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Who do I want to spend time with? It TAKES courage to step away from things or people in obedience to what God is telling you to do or not do. It takes courage to try scary, new things; especially when you are older. But I am young compared to when some of the Bible personalities took on assignments given to them by God. But wisdom, preparation, and gratitude paved the way to walk and fly some new ground. The enemy invites us to BE AFRAID, so that our testimonies and victories will be stolen. God invites us to TAKE COURAGE. Prepare yourself in prayer, mind, and body, and go forth!

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