Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out on a Limb

I saw birds and nests in new places Arizona. My mind questioned what I was seeing because it was so different visually to see a birds nest in a cactus, or birds roosting in a palm tree. Then, to see a bird at the very top of a tree along the rim of the Grand Canyon, seemingly without a branch to stand on, made a crazy photo that seemed to look like a giant bird hiding behind the tree. Later I got a picture of a roadrunner quite happy to be still and very close. I have seen this bird before, but never slow or close enough to capture on camera.

I think my mind was stretched to see birds and nests in a new way. You can count on God to show you something in a new way, to get you out on a limb, just trusting and seeing things with a new pair of glasses.

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