Sunday, November 9, 2008

Something Old, Something New

I remember when my granddaughter would come stay on Tuesdays. I would sew her a little dress on those days. It taught her patience, I think. She sat on the guest bed and watched me sew. She got to give opinions about which fabric and pattern she wanted, and what buttons/lace to put on the dress. We would have a few fittings, and she would greet her mama in a new outfit to wear home. This grey tie-dyed dress with matching bandana made a hit, especially matched? with her choice of Gram's sandals and costume jewelry.
Example of the silly rhymes she will get in her yearbook/DVD...

She looked so cute in her tie-dyed bandana;
Now she is six and wears Hannah Montana.

This afternoon we are going to celebrate her 6th birthday, and bring something for her brother, too. It is amazing how fast they grow up. Each birthday I put together a birthday book of photos and poems that covered the year's activities. I think it is time to adjust the tradition to a DVD with music instead of a photo album. The grands are both more techno savvy than their Gram in many ways. Yep, the old and the new...

On that same vein, my husband and I are embarking on a new adventure tomorrow, visiting some places neither of us has been before, or at least not together. One of the things we look forward to that is old: my husband's father was a minister, and built a church in Tuscon, AZ. We are going to find it and see what has become of it. I am sure it will be very emotional.

We also will be attending a wedding of the daughter of some old friends. She is grown and becoming a wife. I think she was in junior high school when they moved. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Some things old mixed with some things new. Old friends, and an old church, connecting to the past. Newlyweds, a 6-yr. old birthday, new hiking trails and roads to discover...a goodly inheritance, pointing to the future.

Psalm 16:6
The boundaries have fallen for me in pleasant places. I have a goodly heritage.

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jen said...

Connie, what a blessing this was this morning. I pray your journey brings you closer to our Father. I am positive you will have lots of pictures to reflect on your travels. I can't wait to see them. Take care and be blessed.