Monday, March 16, 2009

"B" stands for...

"B" stands for BEE on a BLUEBONNET


BAA from a BABY


I worked for a couple hours this morning, then headed out to photograph the lamb I saw on the way to church yesterday morning. I also remembered another yard that had bluebonnets, so stopped by to see this bee feasting. Then I came home to bake bread, make potato salad, and thaw out beef patties for the grill.

Even though my eyes are suffering from the pollens, it is great to get outside on this beautiful day, but also have the balance of getting some work done and something planned for dinner.

Oh yeah, "B" stands for BALANCE. I don't have great stores of it, but it does come to visit occasionally, with God's help and my ears listening to directions. Pray, work, play: all important in a day!


Acknowledge him in all ways and he will direct your path.

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