Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Shepherd

As we walk through these difficult days of the shadow of death with a friend, it has been exceedingly troubling to see peace escape him. I have silently spoken the 23rd Psalm at his bed, praying for contentment and secure rest. I count on the guidance, rescue, and protection of Jesus even through death.

I have been led to spend time in the fields of wildflowers. The paths and roads restore my soul as I take breaks to soak up the blossoming pastures of Texas.
A bit staged, but this is a little statue I found that I took to place in the bluebonnets. It reminds me that the shepherd will leave the 99 to rescue the ONE who is in trouble. He is a personal God of relationship. The rod and staff of our Shepherd King never rests. The gentleness as He carries each one from trouble to safe harbor in His arms melts my heart.

I pray that my friend will experience his head being anointed with oil and the great tenderness as the shepherd leads him to the banquet table. He loves good food, so I delight in imagining such amazing culinary creations that make French food seem drab! He will feast and worship the Shepherd King!

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

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