Thursday, August 14, 2008


We have been glued to the Olympic Games in the evenings. I have been so amazed at the talent and perseverance of many of the athletes. It is always wonderful to hear stories of someone like Michael Phelps who was teased growing up, to rise to the status of most gold medal winner of all time. He is an 'overcomer.' It never ceases to thrill me to see the American flag raised at the medals ceremony, and watch the pride of the recipients as they have the medal placed around their necks. I have seen Michael's reactions be of humility, tight lip to control emotions, to an all out joy-filled laugh. Awesome! I certainly wish I could eat like he does. But that takes five hours a day of Olympic speed swimming to work off. Eat, sleep, swim.

I grew up watching the controversial marks given by the Soviet judges. This year the controversy seems to be over the Chinese control of the media, the Soviet/Georgia outbreak during the spirit of the Olympics, and the real age of the tiny female Chinese gymnasts. There is always the standard to hold the Olympics to fairness, honor, clean athletes, and building world friendships. Often, the desire to win the medals fuels decisions that are unrighteous and erode the very foundation
of the Olympic Spirit.

I also found the sheer numbers of men beating drums during the opening ceremony to be a bit intimidating. It was mentioned that the drummers were told to smile because of that very fact. Just the unbelievable population of China and the power of the state to get them in line to be such an overwhelming projection of strength, is something to ponder. Let me not forget David and Goliath!!!

In that self encouragement I took my thoughts hostage and remembered the recent study of Psalms 33:

No king is saved by the size of his army;
no warrior escapes by his great strength.
A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;
despite all its great strength it cannot save...

We wait in hope for the Lord;
he is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice,
for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord,
even as we put our hope in you.


Missy said...

Hi, Connie. I am so tired from these late Olympic nights! I've had many of the same thoughts as you, and this is a wonderful scripture to keep mindful.

In regards to Michael Phelps - I am truly amazed. He has this large awkward frame that must have seemed so unnatural - and yet he found something that he was so naturally suited for. God don't make junk!

Connie said...

My grandson has those ears that stick out like Michael's. I am sure he will get teased, but I am doubly sure that he is an overcomer! I just want to nibble on those ears because they are just part of his personality. He is a joy-filled little boy that just makes me laugh! God's grace is sufficient, and yes he don't make no junk!