Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Straight to the Heart

In my investigations of sites to visit in Arizona, one of the places not to be missed was Sedona. The Sedona sites mentioned a place often visited by people of all beliefs. The Chapel of the Holy Cross totally exceeded the proclamations of being a beautiful and peaceful place. As we drove up the hill to the Chapel grounds, the red rock formations were stunning. At each turn was another aspect of the shapes and shadows. But the incorporation of the Chapel into the rocks was not something I was prepared for, as the love and peace of the place pierced my heart. It has been said to do so to visitors of many or no faiths.

As we entered the sanctuary, the sculpture of Christ stood out in front of the windows looking over the beautiful natural rock sculptures surrounding the building. We spent some quiet time inside, lit a candle for my Uncle Bill, and went downstairs to the gift shop. The lesson of going straight to the heart was not finished.

I saw the huge sculpture of "Calvary", Christ carrying his cross. Knees buckled and tears flowed. I went to the sisters in the other room in charge of the gift shop and asked if I could have permission to take a picture of it. They told me that they must protect the artist, and the work there could not be photographed to copy or sell. I expressed to them how much it had touched me, and that I could not afford to buy it ( an Armani nearly $3400 dollars) but so much appreciated its beauty. They looked at each other, being of one mind in seeing my heart, and let me know that they would go back in the other room, and if I happened to take a picture of it, I was under grace to do so. Wasn't that incredible!!! They did not yell rules at me, but ministered God's heart to mine.

I read recently in a work by Madame Jeanne Guyon:

Laying down rules and trying to change the outward behavior will not produce a work that will endure in the life of a Christian.

Then what is the answer? Give the new convert the key to his spirit, to the inward parts of his being! Give this secret to him first and you will discover that his outward life will be changed naturally and easily....simply teach him TO SEEK GOD WITHIN HIS OWN HEART. Show the new Christian that he can set his mind on Jesus Christ and return to Him whenever he has wandered away.

Furthermore, show him he should do all and suffer all with a single eye to please his God...he will discover that the Lord Jesus is the source of ALL GRACE; and he will see that in Him is everything needed for life and godliness.

,,,God knows your hearts.
Luke 16:15

...circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man's praise is not from men, but from God.
Romans 2:29


karen said...

What is the artist's name? That should cover ya.

"They did not yell rules at me, but ministered God's heart to mine."

How refreshing. . .and true godliness.

Connie said...

those ladies were literally shining with the peace of God!

Ms. Marcia said...

Absolutely stunning! I've made your blog a must-see every morning and you have yet to disappoint with both your pictures and your text and, especially, your Bible scriptures! I've never been to Sedona, but people I know who have been there say it is simply spectacular and the energy there ... takes their breath away! Thank you for such a Christ-centered site to visit each day. Your sister in Christ - Marcia

Connie said...

Thank you for encouragement, sweet sister! Have a GREAT day looking for opportunities to Praise God!
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