Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vision to see Provision

We took my husband's new motorcycle out in search of wildflowers this afternoon. We headed west and north to Azle, Boyd, and back to Ft. Worth. We found at least a dozen types of wildflowers and had a wonderful time in the great weather here today.

At one point near Boyd I asked him to stop so I could go photograph some Indian paintbrush I saw among the cacti in a field. While I was walking back to shoot them a police officer stopped to question my husband as to whether we needed help, and why he was stopped. When he explained that he was waiting for me to take some pictures of wildflowers in the field we had just passed, she remarked, "Where did she see any wildflowers?"

I don't know how you couldn't see them! Their beauty was screaming to me!

We receive so much provision every day and yet seem oblivious to the gifts that God is providing for us in so many ways. One way to build faith is to start audibly thanking God specifically for all the things he provides. Your vision for provision will improve with praise and gratitude to God.


Who of you by worrying can add one day to his life?

...and why worry about what to wear? The flowers of the field neither toil nor spin. Even Solomon was not dressed like one of them.

But God clothes the field, which is short-lived. Will He not much more surely clothe you?

Don't worry! God knows what you need.

Matthew 627-30


sherrinda said...

Beautiful! Today we went to church in Irving and on the way back passed by gorgeous blueblonnets along the highway. There were 3 different families that had stopped and were getting some family pictures. I love it!

Connie said...

Yes, I am so grateful to be seeing so many, considering our lack of rain!