Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another New Wildflower

We found this flower along the Lost Lake Loop trail beginning behind the Roosevelt Lodge up by Tower in northern Yellowstone. It is a white campion. The generic name, Lychnis, is derived from a Greek word meaning 'lamp' in reference to its bright flowers. When I look at the photo now it will bring to mind that God's word is a 'lamp unto my feet.'

At times the switchbacks on this trail were fairly steep, but the lush hillsides and beautiful Lost Lake were worth the two hour hike. A young couple with two daughters hiked along with us. They were from Wisconsin, and the girls 8 and 5 were quite the outdoors(wo)men already! They had heard that there had been a bear hanging around the petrified tree area, and were comfortable going in a bigger group. Maybe they thought they could run faster than we old folks if need be. (c;

When we hiked past Lost Lake, partially covered with some pond lilies, there were two bison resting at the fence where the trail turned back towards the lodge. They were quite comfortable and seemed undisturbed by our passing. Those experiences of being out in the wild have so enriched my life. They will be scenes my memory visits in my day and night dreams.

I will give you the 'big' picture of Lost Lake in the next post.


Acknowledge Him in all ways and He will direct your path.


Roger S said...

Beautiful photographs. You have the eye. The photo of the lily pads was especially nice.

Connie said...

Each new (to me) discovery of wildflowers was such a blessing to my spirit! Thanks for the encouragement!